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European Parliament rules allow MEP’s to ask written questions of Commissioners, who ought reply in writing within 6 weeks,

An MEP asked the question below of VP Sefkovic on 24th July 2014, after the repeated problems with the 2014 BAC and particular the Chemistry paper. To date the European Commission have refused to answer.

One has to wonder why?

Do they wish to wait until VP Sefckovic’s Parliamentary hearing is over before admitting his previous answer to Parliament was wrong?


Subject: European Schools
The Commission previously informed Parliament (in response to Written Question E‐010390/2013) that a thorough, independent, external expert report had been produced regarding the Baccalaureate 2012 chemistry exam and that it made recommendations which were being closely followed up.

1. Can the Commission confirm that the only report produced was a six-paragraph internal report written by the Inspector, Edouard Ries, which denied the existence of any problem and made no recommendations?

2. Does the Commission accept the existence of problems in the Baccalaureate 2012 chemistry exam, and the subsequent lack of action, both of which must be contributory factors in the latest problems with the 2014 European Baccalaureate? These recent problems included off-syllabus questions and questions that were unclear, ambiguous or flawed.

3. Does the Commission agree that the latest issues with the European Baccalaureate (including the alteration of results by increasing all pupils’ marks by 5%) significantly harm the credibility of the European Baccalaureate and call into question the competence of those entrusted to manage the European Schools system? Does it also agree that there must now be a full, external and transparent public enquiry into the European Schools system (EURSC) and its handling of BAC 2012 chemistry and BAC 2014, as well as the question of providing redress for those impacted?


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