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VP Sefcovic made some commitments to the European Parliament. He said in 2013 “Concerning European Baccalaureate 2012 exams, the Commission regrets the problems encountered at the mathematics and chemistry exams. The Commission requested a detailed report from the Office of the Secretary-General of the European Schools which was prepared by independent external experts. A number of recommendations were made that will be followed-up closely in order to avoid similar problems in the future.”

Mr Kivinen the Secretary General should be querying his position now

I have previously told you that for Chemistry no such independent external expert report was prepared, the report is here RIES report i queried whether the Commission had mislead Parliament.

What were the recommendations he refers to?

what was the close follow-up and by whom?

in the light of this how did it happen again?

I expect MEPs will want to here from the Commission yet again.

the latest disastrous news from the school is at the top of this post.

Will the EURSC now admit its fundamental problems

Will the Member States and the Commission now recognise the harm being done to pupils?

Will the Member States and the Commission now redress the lack of any appeal rights or legal accountability of the EURSC

Will EURSC become subject to EU law, instead of being anarchic?


in shock at latest snafu?
oops they did it again!


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  1. Shakespeare would say “much ado about nothing”. The real problem is the quality of teaching in so called type2 schools (the BAC question was initially raised by a teacher from Strasbourg and not by pupils of type1 schools who found the question long but not too difficult). The problem is that the Commission forced the opening of the European Schools’ curriculum without giving the means to secure the quality of teaching. The whole affaire served to justify the fact that EU civil servants are NOT equally treated, as those who have a type1 school near their institution are better served than those working in agencies around Europe. It is a political question and nobody till now has taken the responsibility of solving it. The Commission and member states created the problem by cutting means and the European Schools Central Office was unable to tackle the opening professionally. In these conditions EB curriculum cannot compete with IB curriculum.

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