EURSC Reform

Lets face it, the legal basis and governance structure of the European School system is like a rather large pile of dog mess left in the Foyer of the Justus Lipsius building. There is no voice, anywhere saying its all ok, except of course the EURSC itself living in its Hades.

Everyone knows it is a smelly mess, hence one to avoid. Examine it more closely and the stench becomes pungent.

Step into it unwittingly and find yourself disgustingly soiled and mired in excreta. It is universally accepted that this pile of dog mess needs to be purged. 30,000 young potential victims a year, are exposed, some already defaced.

The owners of Cerberus the errant hound, Council of Europe and the European Commission, are sitting in their air conditioned meeting room, and reflecting mostly on other worldly matters, only occasionally observing the grotesque dog mess through protective glass and agreeing to spend 280m of taxpayers euro per year on dog food for the mutt, more mess results, once processed.

Parliament and ECJ who manage the 101 Dalmations that are the Institutions have sought to prevent such dog mess occurring and have erected notices to request dog owners to be more considerate and point to the pile of dog mess deposited by Cerberus. Council and Commission, the owners of his offending mongrel, alas cannot read the notices from their coffee scented meeting room, high above. They ignore the messages, seemingly protected from the putrid stench by the decorative Ivory.

The malodorous air permeates the corridors and work stations of the Institutions. The occasional young victim cries in disbelief when soiled. A delegation goes out to request the janitor of Europe to clean the mess. The old Greek janitor examines his broom, surveys the dog mess and being in charge, demands an investigation by the owners.

Some time later he decides to retire to Olympus and so hands his broom to a younger Irish lady and he exits the stinky foyer, forever. Time passes and the dog mess remains, no investigation takes place.

Our Irish lady is then begged to take cleansing action.

Ah sure why she says, that’s not a new mess at all at all byjaysus. Begorrah we’ve looked at it before she says, and sure ’twas to be looked at, like by the Owners of Cerberus like. She says, it’ll be grand, no need for new action. Retreating then for a cup of tea to the cosy EU Ombudsman office where it seems Punch and Judy now live.

King Eurystheus or ECHR in Strasbourg is expecting a warrior to bring him the dog Cerberus, and its owners. Until then the dog mess remains.


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