EURSC Reform

The power of the EU Ombudsman is called into question due to the European Commission’s anarchic attitude to the Ombudsman ruling in case 814/2010/JF which it fought but lost.

Mr Sefcovic in a letter today repeats the European Commission line that “Concerning the conclusions of the European Ombudsman in the case 814/2010/JF, the Commission did not share the view that an external audit of the ESS was necessary in relation to the issues put forward in the case such as high repeat and dropout rates and put forward a number of measures/initiatives already taken or ongoing in order to improve the system.” This, even though the items referred to as “put forward” by the European Commission were rejected as wholly inadequate by the EU Ombudsman in its Decision.

Does this signal the end of any role for the EU Ombudsman in relation to the actions of the European Commission? What next then for the EU Ombudsman?

One must wonder whether new EU Ombudsman Emily O’ Reilly will tolerate this blatant show of two fingers to her office from the European Commission. The two meet on 15th October 2013. Outcome keenly awaited.


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