EURSC Reform

The European Commission seem to half heartedly deny the existence of a crisis at EURSC (the European Schools). They write in September 2013.

“The crisis that was allegedly recognised by the European Commission at a meeting of the Education Council in May is related to the cost-sharing issue, and the high number of the unfilled seconded teaching posts in the ESS. The Commission, together with the Secretary-General of the European Schools and the Member States, is devoted to finding a tangible and sustainable solution to the problem. In fact, the issue was the subject of the extraordinary Board of Governors meeting held in Brussels this week.”

We now know that meeting did not resolve the situation.

The UK Government write “The meeting of EU Education Ministers in May 2013 did discuss the European Schools. It did so however not in the context of wider or general reform of the European Schools, which the UK considers necessary and in fact supports, but in the light of trying to agree a new funding formula. This is important for the UK because of the disproportionate costs it bears in terms of the demands for native English teachers when compared to the number of UK pupils. The upshot is that the Board of Governors’ inability to agree a fairer system of funding led to the UK’s decision not to replace any teachers leaving the European Schools in the last academic year. An extraordinary meeting of the Board of Governors will therefore discuss funding again on 23 September. If there is no resolution the issue might then be discussed again when EU Education Ministers meet in November. I cannot say though whether that meeting would additionally cover wider and more fundamental issues of European Schools reform.”

The Parents Association write

“Dear parents,

In the second week of the new school year, APEEE did, through its section representatives, a stocktaking regarding missing teachers and other problems at the beginning of this school year.In the meantime, we have raised the issues which had been brought to our attention with the school in two meetings (in CEES [meeting on secondary issues] on 18/9 and in SAC [school advisory council] on 26/9]). Many issues have in the meantime been settled, but not all.

We are fully aware that lack of information continues to be a problem, as even where teachers started to teach certain courses, in some of these courses neither the pupils nor the parents received any information from the school whether the teachers are acting as a temporary replacements or whether they will be teaching the course throughout the school year.

Please be informed that Mr Schmelz, our new Deputy Director Secondary, promised us to inform all pupils and parents concerned directly and provide an update on the situation.

Kind regards,

Renate Repplinger-Hach and Giles Houghton-Clarke on behalf of APEEE Bxl II Woluwe” see

Isn’t it time we see a solution?





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